One Man,
One Brush,
Boundless Possibilities

Portrait of Mr. Kuhn Hong

“I like to be alone. I love painting after a long work day on a fresh new canvas to calm me down.

I work on oil paintings primarily, but tried a few watercolors and pastel. In these works, I limited the canvas size knowing transportation from Africa to the States could be an issue.

Painting people in exotic places and people in different clothes had me reminiscent over my childhood. Without live models, I use quick sketches or photos taken by my small pocket camera. I want to tell a deeper story through my paintings than what the original image might have captured. Ethiopia is a beautiful country with deep culture, traditions, and wonderful friendly people. I hope you feel the joy I had while I was there too. ”

“작가의 변

바쁜 하루의 일을 마치고 캔버스앞에서 그림을 그린다는 것은 멋진 취미입니다. 오지에서 만나는 사람들을 통해 어린 시절의 기억을 회상할 수 있고, 친절하고 소박한 인물들과 아름다운 풍경, 또 깊은 역사와 전통을 가진 에티오피아에서의 작품들 속에 담긴 이야기들을 보여드리고 싶습니다”

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